LeighAnne Wright BCAv


Unless we break the silence we are at risk of repercussions
To our wellbeing


Baby loss advocate, Author, Charity CEO, Campaigner, Funeral Director, Celebrant, and loss mother

LeighAnne Wright was born, raised and continues to live in her hometown of Plymouth, Devon.

A happy wife to Matt, devoted mother to daughter Lucy and always protective to the memory of her son Beau, LeighAnne lives a full and hectic lifestyle! With a large extended family she adores, it is never a dull moment.

Combining her day job as a caring funeral director for a family run business for the last decade, with her charity work, LeighAnne excels in the field of caring for the deceased and their loved ones.

With her warm smile and gentle sense of humour she is honest, open and fiercely protective of those she cares for. LeighAnne qualified as a funeral director in 2012 and more recently as a Funeral Celebrant in 2018. She is currently studying as a bereavement counsellor and is constantly evolving and improving her skills.

It was once working in the industry that LeighAnne realised her own experience after the loss of her son Beau was less than adequate.  It was with this realisation she developed the passion to ensure no other family felt as she did and created the desire to help others. LeighAnne began to see how she could help personalise a service and how she could help people at their lowest ebb.

In 2013 LeighAnne had a profound encounter at work that began the creation of Little Things & Co – the baby bereavement charity, she now runs. Initially it provided bespoke clothing for tiny babies who had died, yet the charity now looks after the emotional and practical support with a dedicated Memorial garden, support groups, literature and practical items for funerals. LeighAnne always ensures Plymouth stands up and is counted during Baby Loss Awareness week with the lighting of buildings in pink and blue, random acts of kindness and the poignant Wave of Light service.

Over the years there have been many awards and accolades however most predominantly in 2015 LeighAnne was awarded the Prime Ministers Point of Light award for her contribution to the community. More recently the British Citizen Award for services to charity. LeighAnne was also featured on BBC Three’s ‘Amazing Humans’ series where her story went viral, with a staggering 6.2 million views.

In October 2018 her first book Help to Heal was released, an honest and open account of LeighAnne’s own loss as well as important steps to help a family navigate their way through their new world of baby loss. LeighAnne is a ‘doer’: Focused, honest and determined to break the taboo surrounding grief and especially baby loss.