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Wedding season

Updated May 15th, 2023

As we venture through May things are getting busy and the excitement of this year’s upcoming weddings is upon me!

With emails flying back and forth and individual scripts being written life is busy!  The flurry of activity is so infectiously happy that I cant stop smiling!

Last year’s me would have assumed that I would get people confused and worry about having lots on, but the beauty of spending time with each couple and getting to know them, individually and as a pair is that you just don’t.  I get to spend time getting to know them and that ensures no detail is overlooked and I get invested in their story!

As a relatively new Celebrant I am still adjusting to this new flexible way of working but I like it!  Coming from a career that was so structured before, the freedom to be creative, to really connect with people has been enlightening.  As we head into wedding season I am excited to share in my clients special day and the fact that every couple or family are different and the flexibility to be able to say ‘yes, let’s do that!’ has been wonderful.  There are no rules with a Celebrant led celebration and for me that is the key.  People get to have exactly what they want.  An occasion designed specifically to them…and that really is a beautiful thing!