LeighAnne Wright BCAv

Baby loss advocate, author, charity CEO, campaigner, funeral director, celebrant and loss mother

LeighAnne Wright is focused on improving the bereavement experience

Since beginning her career as a Funeral Director more than a decade ago, LeighAnne has seen first hand the devastating effects losing a child can have. It is this desire to improve the experience that drives her to ensure the postcode lottery to bereavement care ends… and that every child is acknowledged.

LeighAnne began the award winning charity Little Things & Co. in 2013 and has guided it to become a leading voice for those enduring the agony of baby loss. Embracing anyone who has suffered such a tragedy, LeighAnne is determined to give every parent a voice and ensure their needs are met.

The charity has gone from strength to strength, providing emotional and practical support. Since finding her niche over the past ten years LeighAnne has become a leading voice in the UK on baby loss, bereavement care, grief and all the issues loss can bring.

LeighAnne regularly sits in Parliament as part of the All Party Parliamentary group on baby loss and is focused on ensuring every family receive the best quality care after the loss of a precious baby or child. Gestation, circumstance or time passed does not matter and she ensures every family she meets is supported.

The charity reaches, on average, 40,000 people every week, ensuring nobody feels alone.

LeighAnne’s own loss of her son Beau means she has the ‘real touch’, as she knows just how the parents feel. This has been crucial to ensuring a trusting connection.

LeighAnne is passionate about breaking down barriers regarding grief and loss, and has the spirit to ensure the world knows that every baby matters.