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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Celebrant?

A Celebrant is someone who will write, create and deliver a personalised service for your wedding day or special occasion. Traditionally weddings were held in a church or Register office with a vicar or Registrar delivering a standard script. However a Celebrant has far more flexiblity to create a service which is far more individual, personal and is totally unique. And its not just weddings! A Celebrant can officiate at any event you feel needs a sense of occasion and needs someone to lead proceedings. A Celebrant is a storyteller, the narrator of your story and should feel like a friend.

Are we legally married?

A Celebrant led wedding normally takes place after the legal aspect has been completed. Find out more!

We are not religious but want some traditional religious elements. Can these be included?

Absolutely! For me this is all about respect. As long as we are not being disrespectful to a religion or there is an element of cultural appropriation then I am happy to include some religious aspects. I.e if you would still like your child to have water included in their naming ceremony (as you would in a baptism) we can do this but instead of a religious aspect I would ask the family and friends to bless the water and we would make the sign of a heart rather than a cross. However the appearance would be the same.

Will you attend our rehearsal?

If you would like me to then yes! It is always a good idea to have a ‘dress rehearsal’ the day before as this can help alleviate any concerns. I will advise you where everyone will stand and sit and you can tell me just how you envisage the day.

Do we have to say certain things in the ceremony?

Not at all! You can say whatever you like. There are no set words and everything will be planned in advance, and you will get a copy of what we will be saying so you know exactly what is happening.

What do we get when we book you?

You get a professional Celebrant who is enthusiastic, reliable and so excited to be a part of your day!

My fees include travel within 20 miles of Plymouth city centre, a no obligation 15/20 minute chat, a guarantee I will only be attending your wedding or event and never book two events on the same day.  You also get a one on one sit down chat to plan your day, a proof of the script including sample scripts if needed, a rehearsal and my performing the service on the day.  I will also give you a keepsake copy of the script.

How far will you travel?

I am based in Plymouth, Devon so I cover within 20 miles of Plymouth City Centre within my fee. However I am prepared to go from Bristol down to Truro for the right people! I do however need to charge mileage for anything outside of the standard 20 miles.

Legal Stuff & Small Print

I have outlined some of the legal and formal aspects of working together that we may encounter. This list is not exhaustive and I will happily discuss any questions openly and honestly.

The Legal Marriage

Marriages and Weddings… yes there is a difference!

To be legally married a civil service needs to take place. This is what I consider the marriage, ie the legal bit! This can be done seperately at your local Registry Office, normally a few days before the wedding and can cost as little as £50 for the basic service. You will need two witnesses but you dont need to do anything else if you dont want to- i.e exchanging rings or vows.

The ceremony that I perform is what I class as the wedding. This is your completely personalised and bespoke ceremony that we have created together. Its where all the good bits happen!

For example, When a baby is born their parents visit the Registry Office and Register their birth. A Christening or Naming Service is held later with family and friends as part of the celebartion. The trip to the Registry Office is just the legal aspect that needs to be completed. Similarly when a death occurs the family visit the Registry office to register their loved ones death. A funeral is not held the same day and is a seperate occasion where family and friends gather together for the ritual. The registration is again merely the legal aspect.

So with a wedding it can be no different. The legal bit is getting ‘married’ in the legal sense at the Registry Office; the wedding is where we celebrate your love with those who matter to you the most.

Terms and Conditions

A full list of terms and conditions will be provided on the booking of your event.

Please note the booking fee (50% of your overall fee) is non refundable.


I take your personal information seriously and protect it in a secure and safe way. I am a member of the ICO- Information Commissioners Office.

Please read the privacy policy for further information.

Equality Policy

I believe that everyone has the right to be treated equally and therefore have set out my promises to ensure I am providing a service that promotes these beliefs.

I am a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants and work within the boundaries and standards as set out by this professional organisation.

I am committed to encouraging a supportive and inclusive culture within the whole wedding and events industry.

It is within everyone’s best interests to promote equality and diversity as we work to continually eliminate discrimination.

My aim is to ensure that couples, families and industry colleagues are given equal opportunity, and that my services and business are representative of all sections of society.

Each person I deal with will be respected and valued. I expect that same level of respect in return.

This statement reinforces my commitment to providing equality and fairness to all I have the pleasure of dealing with. Together with my assurance that I will not provide less favourable facilities, services or treatment on the grounds of age, disability, sex, gender (identity and expression). Marriage, civil partnership, race, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, national origin, religion or belief or sexual orientation as outlined in the Equality Act 2010.

Harassment Policy

I believe everybody has the right to work in a safe and secure enviroment. I will always conduct myself in a professional manner and I ask that you, your guests or your suppliers do the same. I will not tolerate harassment or inappropriate behaviour in any form. In the first instance I will ask that the behaviour desist immediately. If this does not happen I reserve the right to leave the venue. It would always be a last resort however I am entitled to work in an enviroment that is safe and comfortable. I will not provide a refund for those reduced hours. I will always endeavour to take any complaint to a trusted member of your party and not bother you directly on your day.

Inappropriate behaviour includes offensive behaviour and inappropriate sexual harrasment but is not limited to this behaviour. Similarly I am also aware these type of celebrations can be incredibly stressful. I will do my very best to be accomodating but I will not accept rude or offensive behaviour.

When booking your event I will ask you sign to this effect and return to me.

I am very happy to share hugs and affectionate moments but please ensure my boundaries are respected.


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