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Congratulations on your engagement!

Now the fun begins…

Choosing to have a Celebrant led wedding will be one of the best decisions you have made… I promise!

To love and be loved is the most wonderful emotion and a wedding is a public declaration of that love to the world. When two people meet and decide to spend their precious days on earth together it is an important moment. It is a statement and one that needs to be properly celebrated!

Gone are the days when you had to recite an off the shelf script. How can the same words work for every single couple? They can’t! Your love story is unique and therefore your ceremony should be too. Your wedding should reflect who you are as a couple, include the things you want and be truly memorable.

For so many years couples were married with a standard script but what if your story is different? Perhaps the societal burdens of what you ‘should do’ just don’t work for you? Maybe it has not always been a fairytale and you want to pay homage to the struggles you have had to get to this point? Maybe you are hilarious and want to inject some fun into the day?! With a celebrant led ceremony you don’t have to say the ‘typical’ words… let your imagination run wild and remove those restrictions.

I write each script with your guidance and no two services are the same. We can work together to make the most suitable ceremony for you. However you find creativity I am happy to work with you. Whether that is a traditional cuppa and a chat, mood boards or scrap books I am in! I am a well rehearsed public speaker and I have 12 years experience in event planning.

The most important thing I can tell you is that I appreciate just how important this special day is to you both. I am known for my attention to detail, creative thinking and for always going the extra mile to make an occasion extra special. For me the little details are what make a day so wonderful.

LeighAnne Wright celebrant
LeighAnne Wright celebrant
Wedding dinner
Wedding couple attending meal

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So what happens next?

  1. Get in touch! Use the contact form and I will get back to you shortly. We can then have a no obligation chat. This normally lasts about 15/20 minutes and we all decide if we are a good fit for one another.
  2. If you decide to choose me as your Celebrant our next step will be to get together either face to face or online and start to discuss the ideas you have for your ceremony. During this meeting I will ask you some questions about you both, your relationship and your hopes for the future. Its here we can share ideas and you can tell me everything!
  3. I will go away and start to prepare a plan for your wedding service using the informaiton you have given me. I will then send you a copy of the script and you can make amendments as you see fit.
  4. Once the script is agreed we keep in touch and if there is anything else I can help with I am always at the end of an email or telephone.
  5. The day before the rehearsal (Two days before your wedding) I will get in touch and run through anything that may have changed or I need to be aware of before the rehearsal.
  6. Rehearsal Day- Here we will decide on the smaller details like where you both wish to stand, the bridal parties movements etc and just iron out any concerns or niggling questions.
  7. Wedding Day! I will arrive to your location at least one hour before the ceremony starts. I will come and visit one or both of you (as you wish), wish you luck and then I will see you as we begin proceedings. Then we will have a fabulous ceremony together. After the ceremony has been performed and you join your family and friends I will be around for a little longer but then leave you to your celebrations… unless you have requested any of my other services!
  8. Keepsake – I will provide a script of your ceremony. I usually bring this on the day (and you allocate someone reliable to keep it safe) but if you would prefer I can post it afterwards.

Can you plan my wedding?

Absolutely! Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. Maybe you have lots of ideas but no idea how to make your vision happen? This is where I can help. In addition to my celebrant and public speaking services, I can provide a total wedding planning service! With over 13 years event planning experience in various fields I am calm, knowledgeable and informed. Whether you want me to take everything off your hands and plan your whole day or just need some help pointing you in the right directions I can provide a service to fit your needs.

Because every person and every event is unique my event planning services are always price on application. I will quote according to your individual requirements.


Wedding celebrant services are charged as follows:

Year Price
2023 £700
2024 £700

These prices are for any day of the week except Bank Holidays/Special Holidays (price on application)
All wedding planning services are priced on application.

Please get in touch to find out more!

Included in the price:

  • An initial 15/20 minute no obligation consultation telephone call
  • One face-to-face meeting or online call
  • Preparation of your personalised script including amendments
  • Rehearsal the day before the ceremony ( please note outside of my local area mileage will be charged at 35p per mile)
  • Delivery of ceremony on the day
  • Keepsake script
  • Travel within 20 miles of Plymouth City centre (locations further than 20 miles will be charged at 35p per mile i.e for meetings or rehearsals)