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Believe in love ❤

Updated May 12th, 2022

As a Wedding Celebrant you have to truly, deeply believe in love.  To convey that very beautiful emotion, honestly and sincerely you have to really be on board with all that love is!  And especially if you want to get that across in a wedding service.

I love to work with those who want something that little bit special.  The creatives.  Those with a bit of style, who like to put their stamp on things and to work with those who really feel love.  Those who want something with a little magic, where a cut and paste ceremony just won’t do.  Those who have trusted me know I am on their side, and that I believe in them as a couple, as individuals and their story.

For me, eight years ago I never would have been able to be a Celebrant.  I wouldn’t have been able to commit to these couples and they would have seen right through me in an instant because back then I didn’t believe in love. Now I accept that you really need to, not necessarily be in love, but to wholeheartedly believe in love, in its various forms, its weird and wonderful ways, to portray that during a service.

Eight and a half years ago, I’m not afraid to tell you, I was the ultimate cynic. It was at this time I was a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding and that was when things changed for me.  Obviously I had been to weddings before, but not one quite like this.  Not to a wedding where the people meant so much to me.  Not to a couple who I saw were so obviously in love like this.  It was so honest and genuine. And it was at that wedding, although I never believed it was for me ever again, I started to think ‘actually true love really does exist’.  I’d been around love of course, this very couple in their everyday life, my own parents and  others who had that little something special between them.  My parents had been together for decades and were/are the strongest couple I know, but I’d never witnessed such a real and public display of love like how this wedding unfolded and it hit me.  I have seen it since, now my eyes have been opened!  In fact now I am receptive to love I see it everywhere!

As a single Mummy I had been hurt, really hurt and let down in the past, so I was perfectly happy for life to be just the two of us, Mummy and Daughter.  We were best friends and we had a supportive and great family.  I really didn’t feel the need for a romance.  I had all the love I needed right here.  But that wedding did open my eyes that my cynicism was misplaced… real love did exist.  So although not for me it was enlightening to know there was still love in the world.

This revelation really did affect me and truly was enlightening, because only months later I met my husband, Matt.  Although a few false starts because the old me still had reservations about love, something had really changed for me after that special wedding.  My eyes had been opened to love once more and I knew it did exist and it could be pure, honest and real.  He changed everything. And I am so very grateful that through the years we remain in love and open that we can live our very own fairy tale.


As a Celebrant I am privy to love stories every day.  Every single one is unique and comes with its ups and downs.  That is why I believe that your Celebrant, whoever that may be, should be enthusiastic about your journey, how you got to this point in life where you want to commit to one another and who truly embraces love.  They need to not only believe in love, but believe in you as a couple and get to know you.  Only then can they convey your real life love story to you, your guests and do it the justice it so rightly deserves.

To Matt… “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite.”