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What a Bank Holiday Weekend!

Updated June 6th, 2022

Well that was one to remember wasnt it?!

I know not everyone is a Royalist but it would be difficult not to be moved by the huge outpouring of love shown around the world for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee over the last four days.

I am a huge fan so for me this long weekend really was spectacular!  I watched anything I could and really embraced the celebrations.  I went all in, even wearing a crown on Saturday!

For me it was a weekend spent with family.  Like all big occasions it was a time to be together, eat, drink and have fun!

But in the quiet times I watched all of the news coverage and was overwhelmed at just how well we Brits put on a good show.  Boy do we know how to hold a ceremony! The Trooping the Colour was majestic, the Thanksgiving Service a reminder of the monarch’s deep faith, the concert was incredible (nobody mention Diana Ross’ miming- didnt matter at all -she was fabulous!) and yet it was the pageant and parade that felt the most special.  The incredible colours, the effort that went into all of the costumes, the planning but most importantly, of course, the incredible and enthusiastic people who created the amazing carnival atmosphere.

This was not just a chance to celebrate the Queen but Britain and the Commonwealth too.  Each of the buses showcasing every decade since the Queen came to the throne in 1952 evoked memories and nostalgia.  To see so many ‘National Treasure’s’ waving to the huge crowds was just wonderful.  We were treated to a medley of classic cars (poor Prue Leith!) and it just added to the incredible display we were seeing unfold.

It was so good to see the Pride flag among all of the different sections, although personally I didnt feel it was a big enough representation, especially as this month is Pride month too.

The gorgeous outfits depicting flowers like orchids and pansy’s was just breathtaking.  The huge range of representation for all things British was wide and varied.

But the crowning glory (pun absolutely intended) was seeing Her Majesty walk out onto the balcony, resplendant in emerald green, wearing one of the Victoria Bow brooches, and waving to the adoring crowd.

I still find it surreal and yet very real that a woman that most of us have never met, nor ever will, can evoke such emotion in us.  The simple act of a wave was enough for us all to feel satisfied that she understood.  Understood what she means to us and showing just how much we the public mean to her.

I do hope that whatever you did this weekend and whoever you spent it with, it was enjoyable.

I do believe that she has wholeheartedly kept the promise she gave in her 21st birthday speech and long may she reign.

” I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.”

Her Majesty The Queen