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New kid on the block

Updated June 28th, 2022

It was last year when I realised I needed a change.  A change in pace and a new path.

I had been a Funeral Director for 12 years and often took services in the role of Celebrant for friends and family when they were sadly needed.  There were also times when I led services for little babies, when I had built up such a rapport with their parents as their Funeral Director.  Some families during the midst of their grief don’t want to then have to trust another outside person so very often if you had built up a relationship they would ask you to extend your services by leading the service too.  This was happening more and more for me, so in 2018 I decided to make it official and trained as a Funeral Celebrant.  I never intended to leave my role as a Funeral Director, I just wanted to improve my celebrant skills and ensure I was doing the best possible job for those in my care.

So fast forward to 2021 and a particularly difficult case had made me realise I needed a break.  Twelve years of working in the death industry had exhausted me.  I gave my absolute all to the families in my care and I knew it was time to slow down and take a new path.

My husband said it was so very obvious what my next step should be.  At the time I didn’t see what he saw, but he explained that why not take the skills I had and just move lanes?  Officiate ceremonies but at the other end of the spectrum… weddings! Naming ceremonies!  In fact any ceremony with some real joy in them.  I have to admit the man is a bloody genius but I’d never tell him!

All of the joy I found working with people, with helping, with organising and most importantly walking alongside someone on the most important day of their life could still happen…but with something so much more joyous.

Leaving the funeral industry was so difficult for me.  It had been my identity for so long.  But the pure pleasure I have found in planning special days for such happy occasions, for some incredible people, has been wonderful.  The pace has so far been much slower than I am used to.  I am assured by my celebrant colleagues that will change ha ha!  But the freedom to slow down has been welcomed.  Funerals are fast paced and at first I felt myself trying to go quickly but I have realised being efficient doesn’t not necessarily mean being quick.  I am learning every single day.

The other thing I have discovered is the level of creativity I have.  I never saw myself as creative but the ability to help people shape their momentous day has been enlightening.

I am the new kid on the block and that can be a little daunting.  To move from a world where you know everybody, their quirks and who does what, into a new world where you know very few people is quite scary!  But with an open heart and the willingness to listen and learn has ensured I have been welcomed by some lovely people.

I have been travelling around the South West to some prominent venues to introduce myself and have visited some gorgeous places.  Living in Devon really does have its perks doesn’t it?  The scenery here is just stunning and I know will ensure couples have the most fabulous backdrops to their days.

As bookings come in I am so thrilled.  I have been meeting some amazing people over the last few weeks and that familiar feeling of privilege, as someone trusts you with the most significant day in their life, is there once more.  The future looks joyful, satisfying and positive.

This ‘new kid on the block’ may just have ‘the right stuff’! If you know you know 😉