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Knowledge is power!

Updated January 26th, 2023

This weekend saw an abundance of high quality wedding suppliers descend on the iconic Plymouth Guildhall.  From dresses and suits, venues, photographers, magicians, florists and balloon displays the choice was plentiful for every prospective couple.

As a relatively new celebrant this was my second time at the fair and I felt far more comfortable on my subsequent time around!

When you consider the traditional wedding you assume there will be a stunning dress, gorgeous venue and a talented photographer to capture the special day…what many don’t realise, and the hurdle I am currently trying to climb over, is the knowledge that you don’t have to get married in a church or with a registrar.

Since the decline of traditional religion in homes, i.e. the Sunday trip to church, the nativity in school and the church being the centre of the community some people have instead chosen to get married in hotels, castles and stately homes with a Registrar.  This has then become the next recognised option.

If you ask most couples, as I did on Sunday, they don’t always realise that a church or Registrar is not their only option.  And that is where my aim is now focused…on educating people that a Celebrant is a viable and most importantly personal and beautiful option for the most important day of your life.

A church wedding and a Registrar wedding in the venue of your choice may be the choice for you…both are perfectly special ways to marry.  But a Celebrant led wedding really is something else.  Anything goes!  A flexible, passionate and committed celebrant will work with you to ensure your day is a true reflection of you and not societal expectations.

On Sunday I met some lovely people.  Some knew what a Celebrant was, some had a vague idea and some looked blankly at me and had no idea!  I run a business, I want to get bookings, of course I do.  But I also want to give couples choice, to impart the knowledge that the two options they thought they had can actually be increased to three options!

When a child is born their parents visit the Registrar’s office and register the birth.  They then go on and have a naming ceremony or christening, sometimes weeks later.  When a person sadly dies their death is registered with a Registrar and never takes place on the same day as the funeral.  And yet not many people realise the same came be done for a wedding.  Why not sign on the dotted line to make everything official but then hold your celebration, i.e. ‘the good bit’ later?  That way you can marry in any location, at any time of day, doing exactly what YOU want to do on YOUR day.

My mission is to educate newly engaged couples that they have choices, options and picking a Celebrant really could be the best decision to make for their wedding!